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New mobile phone batteries do not need to be “activated”. Nowadays, mobile phones use lithium batteries, which can be used and charged as needed.

Try to avoid keeping the phone in a high temperature or high battery level state for a long time, avoid charging the phone for a long time during use. When the charging is completed, please disconnect the charger from the phone and unplug the charger from the power outlet. Please use the official standard charger and data cable. If you need to replace the battery, please approach our official service centre for assistance.

If the phone has not been used for a long time or has automatically shut down due to low battery level, the battery is in a state of excessive discharge. It is recommended to charge your phone for 30 minutes before checking it again.

Due to compatibility issues and differences in charging power or charging protocols, it is recommended to only use the original charger and cable for charging purposes.

The phone can continue to be charged when it gets hot, however the charging power of the phone will be intelligently adjusted to reduce heat generation, resulting in a slower charging speed. The phone also has an overheating protection function. Under extreme conditions, if the temperature is too high, the high-temperature protection mechanism will be triggered and the phone will automatically shut down to ensure safety.

Leaving the phone plugged in overnight will not cause any safety hazards, but it will accelerate battery ageing. When the charging is completed, please disconnect the charger from the phone in time and unplug the charger from the power outlet.

The standard charger is designed with multiple protection circuits, including overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, short circuit protection, and no-load protection, to ensure charging safety.

The phone adopts multiple overheat protection functions to ensure safe use. If the phone temperature is too high, the high-temperature protection mechanisms will be triggered, such as popping up a high-temperature prompt box and temporarily closing high-power applications, until the phone temperature naturally decreases.

In a dimly lit environment, the camera will need additional time to recognise the surrounding light and process the image, causing the preview interface to have a slight lag when moving the phone.

Using the phone during the charging process will increase the heat generation of the phone, especially for power-hungry applications such as games. To prevent high temperature from affecting the use of the phone, the phone has a built-in overheating protection function, which will reduce the performance of the phone to reduce heat generation.It is recommended to minimise the use of the phone while charging.

The phone has a built-in lithium battery, and the optimal operating temperature range is 0°C to 35°C. When the phone is below 0°C, the battery’s activity decreases, causing a decline in the battery’s charge and discharge performance. The phone may recognize the battery as low or almost dead, triggering the battery protection mechanism to automatically shut down the phone. Therefore, when the phone is working in a lower temperature environment, automatic shutdown or failure to turn on may occur. It is recommended to move the phone to a room temperature environment to resume usage.

When the phone is not functioning as intended, you can try to force restart it to restore its use. Force restarting will not clear the phone’s data. Press and hold the power button for 12 seconds or more until the phone restarts.

When the phone’s battery is low, the phone will automatically reduce its performance to protect the battery life and extend the battery’s usage time. Some applications with high performance requirements may experience lagging. It is recommended to charge the phone in a timely manner to keep the phone’s battery level healthy.